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We develop the most powerful 2D and 3D Aerodynamics software running on MS Windows Laptops and PCs.

How to Analyze a Corsair

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Accurate Aerodynamics & CFD Software

Analyze before building expensive prototypes.

3D CFD Software for Aerodynamics Analysis

Stallion 3D with HIST

Stallion 3D solves the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and computes the aerodynamic forces acting on your 3D CAD geometry. Grid generation is automatic. It is an all-in-one CFD package for MS Windows 7, 8 or 10.

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2D Airfoil Analysis Software

MultiElement Airfoils

Analyze flaps, spoilers & ground effect using 2D CFD methods. Analyze airfoil shapes, gaps & angles for best aerodynamic performance. Automatic grid generation for arbitrary airfoil arrangements. Ideal for high-lift, F1, FSAE & racing.

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Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

MultiSurface Aerodynamics

MSA is an accurate vortex lattice method for analyzing 3D wings, sails and hydrofoils. It computes lift, drag, moments, longitudinal & lateral stability derivatives. Our novel vortex lattice approach (HVLM) computes both profile and induced drag.

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Wing/Airplane Analysis Software

VisualFoil 5

VisualFoil enables you to pick the most efficient airfoil shapes for wings, propellers, keels, hydrofoils, car spoilers and struts. Compare, plot & export airfoils to DXF files. Ideal for aircraft, automobile & marine designs.

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Accurate airfoil, wing and complete aircraft analysis.

Cessna 182 CFD Analysis

Click here to learn the exact steps needed to analyze a Cessna 182 aircraft using Stallion 3D 4.0.

Get the best airfoil shape using VisualFoil. Watch video.

Flying Wing Tutorial

Click here to watch the exact steps needed to design and analyze a a flying wing using 3DFoil


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